MWA is pleased to announce two changes for 2020

1. Election results are in. Thanks to all who used the online ballot to vote. Both Don Barrows and Marianne Moore were elected unanimously.

2. In response to budget challenges for all of us, the Executive Board voted to reduce dues. Membership was previously $15 per voting member. As of May 1, 2020 dues will be $5 per voting member. Dues can be paid via PayPal or sent via check to MWA, P.O. Box 287, Halifax, MA 02338. 

MWA Meetings

MWA in person meetings need to be postponed until such time as it is deemed safe. Please stay tuned to Facebook & this website for updates.

Hoping you & your families are all healthy and safe during these challenging times.

ACO Info and Links

In 2017 the City of Brockton signed an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  The ACO identifies impairments that can be targeted for improvement and reasons for which Brockton was found in non-compliance with sections of Chapter 371 of the acts of 1964 and other facts and allegations. Deliverable timelines are included. 

A requirement of the ACO is that Brockton develop a Resource Management Plan (RMP) for Monponsett Pond.  In 2018 Brockton published the final RMP Scope of Work. The Resource Management Plan (RMP) defines project requirements & objectives for ACO item #34. 

In 2019, DEP issued the First Amendment to the ACO that modifies certain sections of the ACO. Two primary impacts are: 

1. Completion of RMP before completion of Comprehensive Water Management Plan (CWMP).

2. Extension of total elapsed time from ACO effective date to submittal of CWMP from 2 years to 5  years 10 months.
The ACO, RMP and Amendment can be found here: