Board of Selectmen Meeting October 12, 2021

 We wanted to let you know that the MWA has been placed on the agenda for the next Board of Selectmen meeting to be held on Tuesday, October 12th, starting at 6:45PM.  Please join us if you are available!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our last meeting, which was a Zoom meeting held on September 9th.  We expect that our next MWA open meeting will be held sometime in December, and we will forward details when they become available.  

If you have a specific issue with something related to the Ponds (i.e. Milfoil), we encourage you to contact the Town through Charlie Seelig directly with your concerns which will be helpful in letting the Town know how widespread these concerns are.  Charlie’s email is, and his phone number is 781-294-1316.